Backwards EdTech Flow Chart

Backwards EdTech Flow Chart

**Note, I updated the chart in January 2017 (using Google Slides and Docs)! It’s not quite as “pretty,” but it will be much easier to update and add to as new tools are developed.

I’m a very visual person, so naturally I’m drawn to charts, diagrams and anything that I can look at and understand.  I’ve made a couple other charts to help people pick technology tools based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and web tools by category.  I’m particularly proud of this new chart that I’ve been working on for quite some time!

Backwards EdTech Flow Chart
Click this image for the full version! *Updated January 2017

I truly believe technology enhances the classroom, but I never think it should be used just for the sake of using it.  This is another visual I created to help teachers select the right technology tool for the job. I hope it helps you think backward (or rather the “right” way) to think about selecting a technology tool to use in your class. To view the full version, click here.

It starts by asking what you want students to do, and then you pick a goal, such as explain a concept.  Follow the diagram until you either reach a list of tech tools to help you or your students complete this task or you reach a prompting question, such as “do you need them to do this verbally?” Based on your yes or no answer, you’ll finally come to a list of edtech tools.  All the tools found on the web are hyperlinked.

If you’re not a visual person like myself, scroll to the second page that is just a list of the goals  and all the corresponding links (no prompting questions).

For this, the Bloom’s and the web 2.0 by category chart, visit my selecting the right edtech tool page!

What tools or goals would you add to the chart?

Tech To You Later!

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  1. Thanks for the clickable flow chart! I’m thinking of having my staff organize folders on their iPads according to Bloom’s as a visual reminder of what level of apps they are having their students use.

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