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Coding is one (of many) areas that I have a lot to learn. To be honest, I don’t think I was really sold that all kids should learn to code until about the past year or two when I heard someone say, “when literally everything around us today can be programmed, shouldn’t we all have a basic understanding of how that’s all working?” That’s when it clicked for me that it really is that important for every student to get at least a basic exposure to coding and the concepts behind it.

During Computer Science Education Week last December, I participated in a few Twitter chats that further expanded my understanding of coding. I learned about the possibility of teaching coding concepts without even having access to a computer and the diverse curriculum applications of coding in math, science, English, art, etc. In January, I attended a training for the fundamentals of coding. My mind was opening, I was seeing the value, but I still wasn’t completely getting it all.

Then I found out about Kevin Brookhouser and Ria Megnin’s book: Code in Every Class. It came at a perfect time for my coding exploration. The book is an excellent guide for any educator who is looking to incorporate coding into their class. For those who are where I was a year or two ago, and don’t really understand why we all need a basic understanding of coding, the book will definitely paint a very clear picture for you. For those who already get it and just need help getting started themselves, the book will give you many suggestions for breaking into the world of programming for both yourself and with your students. If you’re someone who has already been doing some basic coding activities with your students, the book provides a TON of lesson plans and resources to help you continue to further your practice. I found the lesson plans the most helpful in understanding what everyone was saying in those Twitter chats about coding being great for a number of curriculum topics in many different content areas.

The book truly is a great resource for educators at any skill level and mindset about coding; it will convince those who are skeptical and enrich those who have already begun. I would highly recommend the book to every classroom teacher, administrator, anyone involved in K12 curriculum decisions, and to parents with children in school. Whenever I can grab some time, I plan to hop onto some of the sites provided in the resources in this book, and put some of this into practice myself.

Code in Every Class is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon here or in paperback on EdTechTeam Press here.

Have you read the book- what did you think? Share about your own experience coding in your classroom in the comments below!

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