Meet My Google Innovator Mentee from #LON17!

#LON17 Mentor

Introducing: Alicia Vilas from the Google Innovator #LON17 Cohort! Alicia is a 2nd & 3rd grades math, science and social studies teacher in New Jersey. I am honored to have been chosen as her mentor through the Innovator program.

Alicia’s project focus was originally on developing empathy in students. As many Innovators do, her focus shifted a bit during the whirlwind of a few amazing days at the Innovator Academy in London. She now plans to foster empathy by day and cultivate innovation by night (with a little design thinking sprinkled in all over!). Alicia recognizes the integral part parents play in a child’s development, and wants to provide support and resources to parents so they can develop young innovators at home, too.

Check out her video below as she further explains her ideas and introduces herself. And don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter to continue to follow along on her journey and offer feedback!

Interested in becoming an Innovator? There’s still a few days left to apply for the Sydney cohort! Check out the latest cohort and application deadline information here.

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