ISTE17 Recap

While ISTE is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience, it is also a substantial financial investment for schools, so many schools aren’t able to make it. Since my work team is fortunate enough to go, we held our second ISTE Conference Recap Event yesterday. We condensed ISTE17, a four-day conference, into just over an hour! You can watch the full event below.

Collectively, our major takeaways from the conference that we shared were:

  1. The new ISTE Standards for Educators (~5:27)
  2. Tell your story- both students and educators need to tell their story and not have it told to them (~11:20)
  3. True digital citizenship and teachers helping students, “learn how to swim instead of letting them drown.” (~16:35)
  4. Implementing Design Thinking and Makerspaces (~23:38)
  5. Access to virtual worlds in all subject areas (~31:08)
  6. Coding is literacy (~35:04)


Additionally, we talked about the Vendor Floor (~41:24); ideas to think about looking forward, such as redesigning classroom spaces and data security (~44:28); ISTE18 (~49:51); and then sandbox time with Expeditions, Aurasma, Makey Makey and a handful of other coding tools. Some pictures from the event are below!

Here is a link to the Slides and here is the link to the Symbaloo with links to all the resources we shared.

What were your major takeaways from ISTE17?

Tech To You Later!

One thought on “ISTE17 Recap

  1. Thanks, I needed to see this. I was so busy doing ISTE that I missed ISTE. I will have to do a better job of taking my own advice next year. I am glad that they released the videos, so I have been able to catch up on some of what I missed.

    Thanks for sharing!

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