Understanding Different Schoology Features

I’ve been working with a few districts over the past few months to roll out Schoology to additional buildings in their district. As more teachers begin to use the platform, I’ve gotten a lot of question about “why would I use that feature over this feature?”

It made me stop and think.

There are SO many features in Schoology, that it could be really confusing for someone who is less tech-saavy to decide when to use which feature. There are also a number of ways any particular feature could be used in Schoology, and different teachers use each feature differently. So, I came up with a couple of diagrams to help teachers decide when they want to use the following Schoology features:

  • Events
  • Updates
  • Assignments
  • Assignments with Submissions Disabled
  • Test/Quiz
  • Discussion Board

Hopefully they will help you if you’re new to Schoology!



What would you add? In what ways do you use each feature?

Tech To You Later!

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