Which Google Drive App Do I Use with Schoology?

Schoology and Google Drive are two of my favorite tools in education right now. With the release of the new Google Drive Assignments integration in Schoology there are now multiple Google Drive apps and ways to integrate your documents with Schoology, so which one do you choose?

I’ve been getting this question a lot from teachers this school year, so I decided to make a cheat sheet to help teachers determine which Schoology Google Drive app they should use, when they need to worry about changing sharing permissions of the document, what each way looks like for the teacher to grade, how students submit using each app, etc. The document reviews:

  • Google Drive Assignments App
  • Google Drive Resource App
  • Adding View-Only Document Links to the Materials Page
    • Adjusting Sharing Permissions of the Document
    • Forcing students to make a copy

Check out the cheat sheet below or download the PDF here.


Schoology users, what am I missing? What would you add?

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One thought on “Which Google Drive App Do I Use with Schoology?

  1. Thanks for posting! I love the new integration with google drive in schoology…sort of. I like that I can now get the “feel” of Google Classroom, but with the flexibility of the advanced LMS schoology environment. However, the google drive integration for adding assignments maybe needs a little work. When my students open up the file, it embeds it within the schoology LMS so everything is a bit more scrunched. So there’s an extra step to open it up within the native google tool. I can get around that, but it’s just a pain. The students also cannot share easily with others and submit a shared doc if I already attached it. So, if there’s going to be group work, I need to think about that first.

    I guess it’s just a slightly different workflow that needs adjustment for me. I don’t love it yet but I don’t hate it either.

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