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What can I find here?

On this page you will find links to resources I have either collected or created regarding educational technology for teachers and technology coaches. Some of these links and resources will take you other places and some will keep you hanging around my site a little longer.  All of the resource pages will be a constant work in progress.

My Go-To EdTech Sites

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything
Kristin Fouss’ Blog (Excellent Math Resources)
Melissa Shield’s 21st Century Instructional Leaders Wiki
Ms. (Kristin) Houser’s Inspiring and Encouraging Blog
Shaelynn Farnsworth’s Blog
Tech and Learning

My Resources Pages

5 in 5 Series:

Everyone is super busy, right?  Can you spare five minutes with the chance you may learn about a cool new tool or an idea for your classroom?  Then click here to view my 5 tech tools in 5 minutes screencast series.

Digital Citizenship:

No matter what you call it, digital citizenship or just plain citizenship now, it is important to teach our students (and their parents) about online behavior.  Click here for a list of digital citizenship resources.

Selecting the Right EdTech Tool:

It’s helpful to know which web tools out there can get the job done in your classroom!  Click here to see a chart of web tools for each level of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, a chart of web tools for high school students by category and a backwards edtech flow chart.


I put on a flipped PD unit for teachers about Twitter.  Click here to see the resources I used for this Twitter PD unit.

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