Technology Integration Matrix

What To Do at This Station?

  1. Start by Exploring the Arizona’s Technology Integration Matrix
  2. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the TIM, check out USF’s Technology Integration Matrix with Videos (bookmark it and come back later when you have more time!)
  3. Make a Copy of your own TIM Google Sheet, and fill it out for yourself on a typical day in the classroom (if you’re not in the classroom, think about where a majority of your teachers are at).

Arizona Technology Integration Matrix


USF’s Technology Integration Matrix Site

Go to and explore the resources for a bit. Be sure to find the Subject Area Index and the Grade Level Index!

Your Own TIM

Click here to make a copy of your the Google Sheet to fill out your own TIM. Fill it out based on a typical day/week in your classroom.

Then follow the instructions on the spreadsheet to fill it out.

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