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Talk Tech With Me is a place where I reflect and share resources for other technology coaches and teachers who seek technology integration support. I believe learning is social, so please Talk Tech With Me! Comment on posts with your own ideas, questions and thoughts.

About Me

From the moment I entered my first year of preschool at age three, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  I grew up holding on strong to this idea: playing “school” as a child, getting teachers’ advice for great undergrad programs and finally graduating from Northern Kentucky University with a B.A. in Secondary Education.  Life had gone exactly according to plan!

And then reality hit.

The economy was down, teaching jobs were hard to come by, and I started wondering if I had made the right choice with my career goals as a three-year-old. Needless to say, panic mode set in and some serious soul searching began.

A couple years and jobs in higher education later, I realized K12 education was
precisely where I belong.  That soul searching I mentioned earlier led me to realize my hobby and interests could turn into a career. So I began my M.A. in Education with a concentration in Instructional Computer Technology. I literally felt the weight of all my career worry and woes lifted from my shoulders.  I could rest easy again knowing I had a worthwhile goal to work toward.

A few more months down the road, another opportunity came knocking at my door (or I went chasing after it, full speed ahead).  I accepted the Director of Educational Technology position at Archbishop McNicholas High School.

After a couple of years in a 1:1 high school and completing my masters degree, I saw another opportunity working at the district level.  I began working for Middletown City School District as an instructional technology and web presence specialist.

After some time in Middletown, I had another opportunity to affect change in even more teachers. I began working for Forward Edge, a K12 technology solutions company, as the Director of Curriculum and Technology Integration. Here, I am lucky enough to work with multiple districts to help them assess their current level of technology integration into the classroom, develop a professional development plan and implement the plan (in a nut shell).

Let’s take this journey together!

Tech to You Later!
Katie Siemer (Ritter)

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  1. I recently presented Classroom Bridges to my staff and now I can’t access the site. Is it temporarily down?

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