Free Digital Citizenship Resources from the FTC

In my ISTE13 reflection post I wrote that I had learned about FREE print resources the FTC will send you for students and parents about digital citizenship, online safety and more for FREE!  Just as soon as I had learned about this awesome resource, I had already ordered hundreds of pamphlets for our students and parents. I was so impressed that I thought it was too good of a resource not to share!

digital citizenship resourcesI ordered four publications that I think will be great resources for a digital citizenship day sometime during the school year.  I’ve included the PDF’s to three of the resources below (you can download each PDF from FTC’s website, whether or not you order the print publications).

My vision for a digital citizenship day would start out with a guest speaker in the morning, and the kids would progress through their normal class schedule with each discipline focusing on a specific area of digital citizenship.  Each subject area would essentially teach the same lesson to ensure all students receive every important digital citizenship lesson.  For example, English could talk about email, discussion board and online etiquette; Fine Arts could focus on Copyright and Fair Use; another subject would focus on students’ online presence, image they portray of themselves and what their social media profiles say about them as a person; and so on.  I plan to distribute these FTC resources to teachers to share with students on this grandiose day.

The PDF versions of each of these resources can also be found on the bottom of our school website’s Tablet Help and Resources page.

Get your copy of these resources and more at (they take a couple weeks to arrive)!

I welcome any feedback you have for additional resources or thoughts on a digital citizenship day for high school students.

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  1. Thank you for the ideas on a DigCit day, Katie. We have a Texas DigCit day in March and I’m working on ideas for all of our campuses so need a lot of ideas. Keep them coming!

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