Google Education on Air- What’s Your Spark?

Education on Air is a free, online conference hosted by Google. There are presenters and participants from all around the world! I was really excited when I was asked to present with the Google Innovator team and seven other Certified Innovators about my Innovator project, Classroom Bridges.

I’ve written a lot about my journey as a Google Certified Innovator, and how inspiring it has been and how grateful I am for the opportunity. Through my journey as an Innovator, I developed Classroom Bridges, which is a website dedicated to helping teachers find other teachers around the world with whom to connect their students on any project.

To check out the session recording, see what types of projects Innovators are releasing into the world, and for information on the Innovator program as a whole check out our session recording and the Q&A archive (I start at 15:37).


To watch a recording from any of the Education on Air sessions, click here.

Did you participate in Education on Air? What did you think? Didn’t participate, why not?

Tech To You Later!


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