Schoology vs Google Classroom

I work with a lot of schools and districts on effectively implementing technology into their teaching. I am a HUGE champion of both Google Apps for Education (GSuite for Education) and Schoology (pronounced school-uh-gee). A lot of the districts I work with on a regular basis use both. One of the most frequent questions I get when working with teachers who have already been using Google Drive and Google Classroom but are new to Schoology is what’s the difference?

As much of a Google champion as I am, I am a big proponent of having access to a full-fledged content/learning management system (CMS or LMS)… and Google Classroom was not meant to be an LMS. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a fabulous tool for what it is meant to do. The other day a high school teacher asked me as we were starting the Schoology training, “so is Schoology like another tool in the toolbox?” I responded, “No. Schoology IS the toolbox, and it comes with a few essential starter tools.” I would consider Google Drive (and potentially even Classroom- keep reading for ideas on using the two together) some of my most used tools in the toolbox. Take the image below, for example, I created it in Google Drawings (found in Google Drive), and embedded it on a Schoology Page to use in another Schoology training with a different district. It’s a quick comparison of similarities and differences between Schoology and Google Classroom. If you notice I left something really important out in the Venn diagram, please comment on this post and let me know!


There are plenty of teachers who use both Schoology and Google Classroom, as described in this post by Alice Keeler. For the teacher who can clearly make the distinction between Schoology and Classroom for both themselves and their students, I say go for it! For those who feel a little overwhelmed hopping from place to place,  I have three suggestions for you:

  1. Check out Drive Companion (as I’m writing this, this is currently the only solution in place for making Schoology act like Classroom with managing copying and sharing of documents).
  2. Check out this post about 3 ways to use Google Drive with Schoology on Schoology’s blog.
  3. Wait for the feature to distribute Google Docs within a Schoology Assignment to be added to Schoology (it’s currently on the product roadmap).

What are you using in your classroom as a way to distribute and organize all your digital content? Do you use Google Classroom along with something else? How is it working for you?

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5 thoughts on “Schoology vs Google Classroom

  1. Great article! I have been required to use both platforms a lot this year! Love the Venn, but it’s missing the ability to differentiate, late notices, and grading- all in Classroom.

  2. Love this diagram! Our Operational Tech guys aren’t big fans of Google, so we went to Schoology with Office 365, and I have to say I’m loving it! I appreciate your views, as a lot of other area schools are using Google Classroom so sometimes our teachers feel like they’re missing out with Schoology!

    1. Hi Hannah, most of the features discussed here are available with both free and paid, however some of them are just the enterprise version of Schoology. Anything in particular you’re curious about?

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