New ISTE Standards for Educators

The new ISTE Standards for Educators (formerly ISTE Standards for Teachers) have been released! They call for some pretty big changes and require teachers to be pretty literate with technology and comfortable with technology integration beyond the digital worksheet.

After you’ve had some time to digest the full standards, let me know what you think of them by commenting on the blog below. As a coach, what resources will you need to support the implementation of these standards? If you’re interested in my two cents, you can read my post on thoughts about the first draft of these standards (the overall message is still the same).

I created the infographic below to summarize the standards. You can view the full standards on ISTE’s website here.



So what do you think of these new standards? What resources do you need to support teachers? Which changes are you most excited about? Are there changes you are nervous about? Let’s help each other!

Tech To You Later!

3 thoughts on “New ISTE Standards for Educators

  1. I love the simplicity of the new standards. I am planning to to tie them to our current district technology matrix to enable teachers to see the great things they are already doing that align with the standards. I am already panning training around the standards also.

  2. While some teachers at our school have some training in versions of the ISTE standards, they have not been adopted as part of our everyday language just yet. . they seem pretty comprehensive.

  3. I think the most important thing for any tech facilitator to consider is this: what does the teacher NEED? Sure, we can throw tech in just for the sake of having tech, but how can we leverage tech as a tool for creativity? What does the teacher need to accomplish, and what tech would be the most efficient (but ENGAGING) tool to accomplish that goal?

    My teachers are drowning in a new district-mandated LMS, and few of them understand the value. When I started to show them ho it will actually make life easier, they got on board. The standards seem to be getting increasingly complex; teachers will need to see how the tech benefits the students to get fully on board!

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