What To Do at This Station?

  1. Start by looking at the image below.
  2. Explore some of the additional resources provided.
  3. Discuss with your table-mates:
    1. Classroom examples of each level of SAMR you have seen in your own schools.
    2. Where do you think a majority of teachers in your building are on the SAMR scale on the average classroom day?
    3. Strategies to help teachers understand SAMR.
    4. Strategies to get teachers to “go deeper” with their classroom integration.
  4. Share the best ideas and takeaways from your group discussion on the Padlet board here:

Sylvia Duckworth’s Sketchnote of SAMR in the Ocean (pictured at the top)- A lot of schools have begun to educate teachers about SAMR as a framework for thinking about how deep (no pun intended ? ) they are taking their technology integration. There are tons of resources for SAMR if you do a Google search, but this image is my favorite because it is such a clear picture of what different levels of technology integration can do for a learning experience. I walk teachers through SAMR and give them classroom examples of each level of SAMR that I have seen in their classrooms. I also reassure teachers that depending on the day and what is best for that lesson, they may be all over the SAMR spectrum. For instance, some days no tech will be the best way to teach a lesson. The problem comes in if we are only hanging out in the shallow end (man, I did it again) and never giving our students experiences in the modification and redefinition zones. We want to be in the modification and redefinition areas as much as possible because that’s how technology can truly make our classrooms transformative.

(This passage is from my blog post: 9 Resources to Help Teachers Dig Deeper with Technology Integration.)

Additional SAMR Resources

Video: Introduction to the SAMR Model on Common Sense Media

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything

SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy: Assembling the Puzzle

Share the Best Ideas and Takeaways from Group Discussions on the Padlet Board

Share your ideas and takeaways on this Padlet board. (original Padlet here)


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