2015 in Review: Top 10 on Talk Tech With Me

As the final hours of 2015 wind down, I wanted to do a quick reflection on my year.

A lot has changed for me over this past year. I was accepted as a Google Education Trainer (end of 2014/beginning of 2015). I made a huge career move in the spring, and am now working with schools and districts all over the city and state to help them effectively implement technology into their classrooms. I absolutely love it! Over the summer, I became a member of ISTE’s Ed Tech Coaches PLN leadership team (and currently serving as the president). Recently, Eric Curts asked me to help lead the GEG Ohio (Google Educator Group) along with some other folks, so I’m excited to be on board with that!

IMG_5312Oh, and on a personal note… I got engaged in May! Life has definitely been busy in 2015. 🙂


talk tech with me



The blog saw a makeover back in February when I combined my old talktechwithme.wordpress.com (image to the left) and Weebly site into one. I’m still trying to come up with a half decent logo, but for now the text will have to work.



The Top 10 Posts & Pages on Talk Tech With Me from 2015:

  1. Twitter Chat Key (for those new to Twitter chats)
  2. Twitter Resources (a page of curated Twitter resources to help educators start tweeting, building their PLN and participating in Twitter chats)
  3. Lunch & Learn: PD Reflections (a series of PD I held for teachers at an old school I worked at)
  4. Brewing the Perfect PD Potion (from my ISTE 2015 EdTech Coaches Playground presentation)
  5. 4 Reasons to Use Google Chrome Over Other Internet Browsers (for those not familiar with everything Google Chrome can do)
  6. District-Wide Twitter Contest (from my ISTE 2015 presentation)
  7. Backwards EdTech Flow Chart (a visual for helping teachers choose the task, not the tech first)
  8. 20 Ways to Use ThingLink in Education (this is one of my personal favorite web tools!)
  9. Plickers: an Awesome Assessment Tool Requiring Only One Device (a great web tool for those with limited access to technology)
  10. Selecting the Right EdTech Tool for the Task (this is a more interactive version of my backwards EdTech flow chart that has been pretty popular over the years and number four on this list)


Shew- what a year it has been! With all the changes, I definitely did not find enough time to set aside to blog as much as I’d hoped this past year. I will once again try to get back to blogging more next year. Thanks for talking tech with me over the past years; I’m looking forward to doing it again in 2016!

May you have a safe and wonderful New Year!

Tech To You Later!


*image at top of post is from idealhomegarden.com

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