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Understanding Twitter

An explanation of Twitter by Twitter

Twitter for Educators by Amber Coggin @ambercoggin 

Twitter-Cheat-Sheet-Tool-4-Learning-Unlimited-by-Kimberly-Tyson by Dr. Kimberly Tyson @tysonkimberly

It’s easy for a teacher to feel like the king of the classroom when you are there with your students, to feel like the education you received was sufficient, that the professional development conferences you attend keep you cutting edge enough– but until you look at Twitter, you won’t realize the sheer volume of conversations that are happening without you. This was what the two of us experienced when we joined Twitter. It was kind of scary and awe-inspiring at the same time: the education world had been going on without us, and it was going really fast.”  -Jody Passanisi and Shara Peters

The above passage came from an article written in Scientific American by Jodi Passanisi and Shara Peters.  To see the full article, click here.

Why Teachers Should Try Twitter by the ASCD @ASCD

Can Tweeting Help Your Teaching? by the NEA @NEAToday.


Creating an Account and Beggining

How to Create an Account

Twitter User Name Ideas (check with your school to make sure they don’t have regulations)

Sign up!

Making the Most Out of 140 Characters

6 Tips for Teachers on Social Media in a Connected World


Classroom Uses for Twitter

Web 2.0: How-To for Educators by Gwen Solomon and Lynne Schrum.  This whole book is awesome!  In particular, the chapter with Twitter gives tons of great ideas!  Check out my book review on my blog.

20 Ways High Schools are Using Twitter in the Classroom by TeachThought @TeachThought

22 Ways To Use Twitter For Learning Based On Bloom’s Taxonomy by TeachThought @TeachThought

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Teach Hub @TeachHub

30 Innovative Ways to Use Twitter In the Classroom by Edudemic @edudemic

Twitter Contest for Digital Citizenship Day

Using Twitter and Storify for a Collaborative Research Project


Managing Your Feed and Followers


Using TweetDeck Columns by Twitter

TweetDeck tutorial video by Ashley Hurley @ashleyhhurley

Teacher’s Visual Guide to Creating Twitter Lists by Educators Technology @medkh9

TweetDeck Information Page by Cybraryman @cybraryman1

TweetDeck pro tips by Twitter


Building Your PLN & Twitter Chatstwitter chat key

What is a PLN by Barbara Sakamoto @barbsaka

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your PLN by Edutopia @Edutopia

Teachers on Twitter by Subject

300+ Educational Twitter Hashtags Being Used by Edudemic @Edudemic

Weekly Twitter Chat Schedule by Tom Murray @thomascmurray and Chad Evans @cevans5095

5 Tips for Taking Advantage of Twitter Over the Summer by Edutopia @Edutopia

Hashtags, Twitter Chats and TweetDeck for Education by Sue Waters @SueWaters

TweetDeck for Twitter Chats video Ashley Hurley @ashleyhhurley (should start at 5:16)

My blog post about the Twitter Chat Key I created

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