Ideal Classroom

In addition to the vision deck and video applicants were required to create and submit for the Google Certified Innovator application, we also had to design our ideal classroom. I wanted to share that piece of my application too because I really enjoyed that part of the application process.

I think classrooms should be spaces that are inviting and stimulate learning- with color on the walls. Each lesson isn’t best delivered in the same way, and therefore the teachers and students should easily be able to rearrange the room based on that days needs. It should be a collaborative environment that doesn’t necessarily have a “front” of the room, which caters to the sage on the stage teaching style. Students should easily be able to share their work with the class, connect with other classrooms, create, and be active participants.

Check out my ideal classroom below. What would you add? What would you remove?

Ideal Classroom (1)

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