Automate Your Life with Google Tools

I’m a HUGE fan of Google Apps (Google has rebranded GAFE to G Suite) for in and out of the classroom. I use Google tools for everything in both my personal and professional life. One tool that I use all the time is Autocrat, an add-on in Sheets for merging spreadsheet data into documents and emails.

Autocrat has so many uses for Google users in business settings, leadership positions in schools, and for teachers in the classroom! I’ve recently had a lot of teachers ask me how to automate giving feedback to students and how to set up peer review/ peer edit rubrics for students to evaluate other student’s work.  To show you an example of how Autocrat can automate and streamline your life, I’ve used the peer editing rubric example. In short, here is what you would need to do:

  1. Create a Google Form with all the info you want students to evaluate and fill out.
  2. Create a Google Doc template document, using merge tags (column headers from the spreadsheet, which your Google Form will create to populate answers) in the place where you want the Form data to appear
  3. Run Autocrat (install and set up in the Form responses Spreadsheet) to create the document merge from the Spreadsheet into the Doc and set up an email to automatically email the students their feedback document

Watch the video below to see it in Action!

How are you using Autocrat to automate your life?

Tech To You Later!

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