Give Your Feedback on the New ISTE Teacher Standards!

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has developed internationally accepted standards for the use of technology for Students, Teachers, edtech Coaches, Administrators and Computer Science Teachers. I refer to these often in my posts, and I use them daily in my practice. Last year, ISTE coordinated a global effort to refresh the Student Standards, which were released at the conference in Denver, CO this past June. This year, the focus is on refreshing the current Teacher Standards.


We need YOU!

The Ed Tech Coaches PLN of ISTE is hosting a forum to submit feedback on the first draft of the Teacher Standards to the standards refresh team. We will have a Twitter Slow Chat (one question per day instead of multiple questions in a single hour) on November 28 – December 3 (this week!) in order to collect feedback from the PLN. If you’re interested, please participate by following and using the #ETCOACHES hashtag on Twitter. If you’re new to Twitter Chats in general, check out this post.

In preparation for the slow chat, please watch this 7.5 minute screencast, which will walk you through the steps of our virtual refresh forum. You’ll need to have looked at the Student Standards and the draft for the refreshed teachers standards. After you have watched the screencast, please go to the survey linked in the screencast and share your individual thoughts on what resources or supports are needed to use the ISTE Standards for Teachers. The image to the left is a summary version of the first draft of the Teacher Standards.

An archive of each day/ question will be made using Storify and sent to the refresh committee. I’ll update the links below after each day in case you’re tuning in late. Feel free to jump in at any time and join us- the more feedback ISTE gets from educators all over the world, the better these standards will be!

Q1 Archive link

Q2 Archive link

Q3 Archive link

Q4 Archive link

Q5 Archive link


Below are each of the five questions. I’ll update these as we move through the week as well.


What do you think?

Tech To You Later!

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