New Ways to Log Into Chromebooks- No More Wasted Class Time!

During the opening keynote for the Americas on Google’s Education on Air, Google announced two new ways to log into Chromebooks! If you’re in the classroom with younger kiddos, or kids who are pretty new to using a device in education regularly, then you know what a godsend this is. No more wasting valuable class time waiting for kids to two-finger type their username and password (if they can even remember it, assuming they’ve already learned all their letters)!

Here are the two new ways to log in:

clever-badges-chromebook-sign-inClever Badges

Clever, a rostering and single sign on service, has released badges (QR codes) that students can hold up to the webcam to scan and be logged into their device.  Each child has a unique badge that identifies them when scanned. Literally as easy as 1 (hold up badge)… 2 (you’re signed in)…. you don’t even make it to 3! Read more about Clever Badges here.



cloudwise chromebook login

Cloudwise allows users to select a series of pictures to act as their login credentials. It reminds me of my online banking service- you select a picture to go with your username, and when you login if you don’t see the correct picture, you’re supposed to call the bank immediately. It is a Netherlands based company, so I had a little trouble navigating my way around their website. I couldn’t find much information about the portal, other than searching on Google to get to the portal login screen. If you have any intel on this, please share in the comments!

You can watch the announcement for yourself in the video below. This particular announcement starts at about 1:10:18.


For more announcements from Google during Education on Air, check out Eric Curts’ blog here.

So what do you think about these new ways to log in on Chromebooks? Comment below with your thoughts!

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