Schoology’s New Assignment Grading Platform- Finally!

I’ve written a few times about Schoology before. I truly believe Schoology is the best K12 LMS available to teachers and administrators today for a number of reasons.

One thing that I didn’t like about Schoology was the document viewer and feedback tools for teachers within an assignment. I was super pumped over the break when I got a feature update email from Schoology announcing that they had (finally) released a brand new document viewer for assignments. Needless to say, it is leaps and bounds beyond the old assignment document viewer. Check out the video at the bottom of this post for a more in-depth overview.

Here are some feature improvement highlights:

  • it autosaves as you add feedback. Woo hoo- no more losing all your comments because you forgot to scroll to the bottom of the page and press save!
  • The pen feature now stays locked until you turn it off. This is fantastic; cross your t’s and dot your i’s without losing your mind now!
  • The sticky note icon is bigger and brighter and more obvious to students. Plus, the written comment actually shows up to the right in the…
  • New revision notes panel to the right. All annotations made in the document add a little note out to the right in the revision panel, so students won’t miss any feedback

Schoology continues to get better and better on an already awesome platform! For those folks who are heavy Google Drive users, check out my post The Google Drive Integration Schoology Was Missing: Drive Companion.

Have you tried out the new assignments feedback features? What’s your favorite new feature?

Tech To You Later!

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