Flipgrid for Parent Teacher Conferences

Flipgrid is an awesome tool that has been making its way into classrooms of all subject areas and grade levels across the country. If you haven’t seen Flipgrid before, the teacher creates a prompt and the students respond with short video clips. Kids of all ages love it because they connect with video so well. Teachers love it because it’s so easy to set up and the students don’t need to create an account.

After showing a group of middle school teachers Flipgrid, the 5th grade team of teachers came up with an incredibly unique way to use it that I wanted to share on the blog (credit for the idea goes to Jennifer Yun at Madeira Middle School!). They had each student record a short video about what they liked most about 5th grade so far, what subject/topic they were struggling with in school and what subject/topic they were doing really well with in school. Then, during parent-teacher conferences the teachers opened up each conference with parents by playing their child’s video. How cool?! The parents loved seeing their child discuss their strengths and weaknesses in school and the teachers said it was the perfect introduction to start the conversations with the parents. A win-win for everyone involved!

So how are you using Flipgrid?

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