A Conversation with the US Secretary of Education


Arne Duncan’s Picture on Twitter

I wanted to tell each of you about a wonderful, unique experience I had the other week.  For about an hour, I was privileged to have a conversation with  the US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and over 1,900 educators from all 50 states.  We talked about Connected Educators Month, the importance of connecting, how educators are connecting, and the government’s plan to connect 99% of students to broadband within five years.

This conversation was on Twitter via the weekly #edtechchat. I encourage you not to forget the power of Twitter when trying to get or bounce ideas from educators all over the country and world. To view the archive of the chat, click here.  To get acquainted with Twitter, you can check out the resources on my website.  For a comprehensive list of Twitter chats, click here.

Tech To You Later (and Tweet on)!


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