Technology Integration Stations: PD for EdTech Coaches

Last week, I wrote about building relationships with teachers to help deepen technology integration. The post was inspired by a talk I gave to a group of technology integration specialists and technology directors in Ohio. After that talk, we did an activity called Integration Stations where we looked at different technology integration models (props to Kathy Aurigemma for coming up with the clever name for the activity!).

I wanted to share that activity on my blog with other edtech coaches so you can use it with your tech integration people, too. I built the initial activity in a Google Site, but I have recreated it on my blog under the Resources tab. For the original activity, I only had about 30 minutes. If I had more time, I would certainly add more resources and prompts for the coaches to discuss.

Here is the gist of the activity. It was set up speed dating style (since we only have about 5-6 minutes at each station… again, I would do this with a bit more time if you’re able to). Participants were grouped into teams of about five people, and each group started out at a different station (or rather, page on the site). The pages are set up hyperdoc-ish style (a true hyperdoc would allow for more choice in how the learners show their learning and likely include more resources). Participants worked through the instructions on each page, applied their learning in some way, and then rotated to a new station (page) when the timer went off. Then after everyone had been to each station, we did some group reflection. I’ve also used this same structure with teachers, and I just changed the prompts a bit to be more about using the integration frameworks in their own classrooms as opposed to helping other teachers integrate technology.

Below are the “stations.” Click on anyone of them to see the full station instructions. If I had more time, I would likely add ISTE Standards as another station to make sure coaches were familiar with all standards.

Integration Stations

Integration Stations Home Page

  1. SAMR
  2. Technology Integration Matrix
  3. TPACK
  4. Backward EdTech Flow Chart

Feel free to recreate the activity to use with your coaches or teachers- I just ask that you give credit to me/this post ?.

So, what would you add to the stations? Let me know by commenting on the blog!

Tech To You Later!

4 thoughts on “Technology Integration Stations: PD for EdTech Coaches

  1. Katie, These are great bones for a substantial discussion! Can I use this activity (with modifications for teachers) at our district summer technology integration institute? This is a perfect way to kick off a week of learning with my teachers! I have copied a link to a past STII page for you to check out.

    Martha Thibodeau
    District Technology Training Coordinator
    Mt. Blue Regional School District
    Farmington, ME

  2. I really appreciate you sharing your stations! I am doing a workshop this summer for a group of teachers going 1:1 in the fall and these will come in handy!

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